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What could the new government do for the bloodstock industry?

David Redvers, Tweenhill Farm and Stud: "Thesale of the Tote is a certainty, I just hope that it is sold to racing and not to the wrong people. We need to see new regulation and de-regulation of the gambling industry.

David Redvers

David Redvers: new regulation of the gambling industry is needed

  PICTURE: Caroline Norris 

"I would like the Tote to run a racing bet sold through shops and supermarkets that would bring racing to a wider audience. I think that is the way forward in terms of the way racing is funded and that in turn might end a lot of the bickering between various parties."


James Delahooke, agent: "I'm definitely hoping for a change of government because the racing industry is dependent upon the prosperity of the country. An activity such as owning racehorses is something people do with surplus income.

"Excessive taxation and fiscal hardship are not conducive to a healthy racing or breeding industry.  All racing in this country needs is a healthy economic situation and it will do the rest. We don't need any subsidy, all we need is for the country to be stable, prosperous and well governed, and it is going to take a while to get back to that position.

"I think it is staggering that, even at this time, people still have horses in training. I do think that we need to get the economy on a sound footing and everything else will follow from there."


Terry Holdcroft, Bearstone Stud: "The Labour government had it in the manifesto that it was goingto sell the Tote to racing, so I'd like to know what happened to that. I would certainly want to see the Tote sold to racing - that would be a start.  And it is beyond belief to me that someone agreed to have the Levy based on bookmakers' gross profits. Without wanting to cast aspersions, it is obvious that bookmakers would want to pay the minimum amount and so would I if I were a bookmaker. But it isn't all down to the government and nor is it all down to the bookmakers, the racecourses have toact too.

"Racecourses only seem to be interested in the shareholders - they should be doing more themselves to contribute towards prize money. They're taking money for picture rights and I would like to see some of that coming back in prize money. There are plenty of things the government could do to help the industry but let's be honest, there is a drastic shortage of money and there are plenty of more deserving things that need to be sorted out before racing gets its share - hospitals to start with."


Ted Voute

Ted Voute: "everything revolves around prize-money"


Ted Voute, consignor: "Either sell the Tote to racing or give the entire proceeds to racing. I'd like them to find a mechanism that we don't have to revisit every year - like we do with the Levy - that can be either based on picture rights or some kind of fixed deal, so that we can have a bit more of a secure future. Everything revolves around prize money, really."



Jamie Railton, consignor: "It's the age-old issue of prize money. All we need is legislation that would allow racing to get as little as 0.5 a per cent off Betfair and that in itself would surely make a difference.

"The world is a smaller place and international competition is something we want to expand on. That is happening more than ever these days but we need to be competitive with other countries. We can't go on forever providing the best racing with the worst prize money - that can't last."





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