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The new Wall Boxes at Tattersalls were hailed as an improvement by some vendors but also provoked a mixed reaction from others

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Wall Boxes renovation
an improvement

VENDORS yesterday hailed Tattersalls seven-figure redevelopment of the Wall Boxes as an 'improvement' on the old site, which for years presented difficulties due to its uneven surfaceand drainage problems.

The new area consists of five stable blocks built on a more level surface, which as spotter Carol Tinkler said 'makes it much easier to get around.' There is also a new canteen and better access from the Lower Sale Paddock.

However, some concerns were raised over the depth of the surface on the showing areas as well as the space within which to show yearlings. As one buyer put it, when more than three horses are led out, the area can become quite chaotic.

"Considering what it was like before, I think they've done a great job," said Ian Bradbury, stud groom of Biddestone Stud.

"It's great improvement - especially the facilities - but it could be a little bit flatter."

Biddestone's draft was formerly situated in Further Paddock outside the sale ring and so far Bradbury feels that the stud made the right choice in moving.

"It's far quieter than where we were before," he said. "Our yearlings settled in very quickly - better than most of the drafts we've brought here before - and have shown themselves better as a result."

Willie and Elaine Carson's Minster Stud have been a Wall Boxes fixture for many years and have two yearlings situated in boxes opposite the car park this time around. Elaine said: "It's been beautifully done and we're happy to be here although we could have done without the surface being the way it is."

Rather than showing on the gravel area, David Powell of Catridge Farm Stud has opted to use the grass strip opposite his boxes.

"I'm usually in the Solario yard but I couldn't be there this year so I thought I'd give this a go," he said. "It's an improvement but even on the grass it's still not entirely level."

Another operation new to the Wall Boxes is Kevin Mercer's Usk Valley Stud, who were previouslyhoused in Highflyer Paddock on the hill.

"We thought we'd get a bit closer to the action as everyone comes through here," said Mercer. "They've made a valiant effort and it is an improvement on what wasn't a very good showing area."

Jimmy George, marketing director of Tattersalls, assured vendors that Tattersalls would any problems that arise during the course of the sales season would be looked at by saying:  "We've had a positiveresponse from most people and no doubt we'll get plenty of feedback throughout the sales season. If anything needs to be fine tuned, we'll have plenty of time to look at it."






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