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Monday's results by first-season sires

Results of runners by first-season sire runners in maidens, nurseries and conditions races in Britain and Ireland on Monday, September 12, 2011

Amadeus Wolf
Musselburgh: 2.50 Jimmy The Lollipop Meeting Abandoned
Kempton: 4.10 Morning Muse 6th

Dark Angel
Kempton 3.10: Emman Bee 7th

Dutch Art
Musselburgh: 4.50 Banksy Meeting Abandoned
Brighton: 2.00 Go Dutch 1st, Tidal's Baby 2nd

Excellent Art
Listowel: 2.45 You Got Heart 11th
Listowel: 3.45 French Quebec 2nd

Kempton: 3.40 Emma Jean 7th

Listowel: 2.45 Legal Peace 2nd

Moss Vale
Brighton: 2.00 Don't Tempt Me N/R
Kempton: 3.40 Miserere Mei 9th

Rail Link
Kempton: 3.40 Milwr 6th

Red Clubs
Listowel: 2.45 Pinkisthecolour 4th
Musselburgh: 4.50 Busy Bimbo Meeting Abandoned
Kempton: 2.10 Masters Club 12th, 3.10 Good Clodora N/R

Sir Percy
Kempton: 3.10 Coquet 4th, 3.40 Inniscastle Boy 1st

Strategic Prince
Listowel: 2.45 Greybridge 10th
Brighton: 2.00 Purple n Gold N/R

Kempton: 3.10 Parisian Princess 2nd

Three Valleys
Musselburgh: 2.50 Lady Gadfly Meeting Abandoned
Kempton: 2.10 Flosse 8th

Windsor Knot
Listowel: 2.45 Regal Tie 6th





King's Theatre £947,392
Presenting £887,432
Oscar £771,633
Beneficial £757,104
Milan £707,790
Westerner £558,887
Flemensfirth £500,575
Kayf Tara £464,883
Stowaway £400,620
Midnight Legend £391,209