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Henry Beeby's DBS post-sale statement

AT the end of selling, DBS managing director Henry Beeby commented: "Of course we would have liked to have matched last year's figures but the most important aspect of any sale in these challenging times is to sell horses at a reasonable rate and to keep the wheel turning.

"That we have done and there has been a real buzz over the last two days from a large and diverse group of buyers from home and abroad following our targeted marketing trips to many places.

"Indeed, to return an improved clearance rate of 84 per cent at a breeze-up sale would be worthy of note in any year, whilst the average and median are perfectly respectable in the current climate.

"We must salute the Breeze-Up Bonus Scheme as there is no doubt that it has been a real help and focused buyers' minds at the crucial time. To have the chance of a £10,000 pay-back is a real incentive and we are delighted to have been part of this innovative example of self-help. This initiative was crucial today as the paltry prize-money in Britain is the biggest turn-off for potential owners.

"More and more we are having to look after ourselves as an industry but this scheme illustrated that working together for the common good, rather than everyone thinking of their own sectional interests, can get real results. We would suggest that some of those in the corridors of power in this country would learn from this example if they would focus on the big picture for the greater good.

"That competing breeze-up vendors and auction houses have addressed the British prize-money issue in such a proactive way demonstrates what can be achieved with a positive and unified approach."




King's Theatre £1,142,569
Presenting £1,058,475
Beneficial £986,639
Oscar £896,303
Milan £863,940
Westerner £839,012
Flemensfirth £755,621
Kayf Tara £657,044
Midnight Legend £595,332
Stowaway £503,470