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Breeders' prizes don't
get to Northern Ireland

I write to you after the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association's rallying cry to members to comment on their Breeders' Prize scheme after John Berry's interesting article on March 16.

I must admit I find it rather ironic that the TBA has asked for my views on Breeders' Prizes, as being based in Northern Ireland I am excluded from their initiatives. I am a fully subscribed member of the TBA, and under their Regions of Representation am included in Region 1, The North.

Breeders' Prizes do not only encourage people to breed horses, therefore contributing to overproduction, but they also discriminate against a region of an EU member state, hindering competition within a free market.

The Breeders' Prize vs Owners' Prize fund is a very debatable issue, as both areas need encouragement and help, although I personally believe that our main aim should be to increase the number of owners of racehorses, ensuring demand for the horse.

However, as long as there is discrimination, I have to support the argument that Breeders' Prizes should not exist, as discrimination within a member state of the European Union is the biggest crime, which I hope an EC court will determine in the near future, alas further wasting Levy Board resources.

Arguments concerning the Levy, its framework and its future are essential for the health of racing. I also believe that it is imperative to analyse how these funds are distributed, and ensure that this is done in an efficient and fair manner.

Daniel Polak
Scarvagh House Stud




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