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Letters:Breeders' Prizes
are invaluable

I read John Berry's letter in the Racing Post, March 16 and I have to disagree totally.  

There is no way because one might get a Breeders' Prize that one would cover a mare.  That is ridiculous. 

However, I believe that they are one of the most valuable and treasured things that has been done for breeders since I started in 1965.  

Long may this continue and never be given to the owners as owners prizes.  It is breeders that need help, otherwise only the very big breeders will be left.
Henrietta Bedford
Bloomsbury Stud




King's Theatre £1,142,569
Presenting £1,058,475
Beneficial £986,639
Oscar £896,303
Milan £863,940
Westerner £839,012
Flemensfirth £755,621
Kayf Tara £657,044
Midnight Legend £595,332
Stowaway £503,470