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Our new Stallion Book search facility enables you to search across all stallions in the Racing Post database using a number of different criteria including: sireline, geographic region, stud farm, and stud fee.

You can choose to search: all active stallions; only stallions included in the Weatherbys Stallion Book; or all stallions. Importantly, the latter enables you to access retired or deceasedstallion records along with all active stallions.

You can further refine and sort your search results by name, stud farm, country, stud fee, status, sire and sire line by simply clicking on the headers above each column in the results list. The red arrow next to the column header indicates which column the results are sorted by. Click the selected header again to reverse the sorting order e.g. highest to lowest stud fee.

Click a stallion’s name to view its individual record. We’ve neatly arranged all the information in the Racing Post database available for that stallion under three main tabs: Stallion Details, Stud Record and Sales Record. Each of these tabs then has a number of sub sections listed beneath the tab.  

Stallions that are also in the Weatherbys Stallion Book are easily identified in the search results list by a green Weatherbys icon. The individual records for these stallions include additional Weatherbys content such as a more detailed pedigree and progeny details which have been appended to the enhance the Racing Post information. Weatherbys content is identified by having green headers.

New features that you should find useful are: a stud Fee History for each stallion (see Fee History under the Sales Record Tab), the ability to view all horses by a particular stallion catalogued for an upcoming sale (see Sales section under the Sales Record tab) or view a complete list of a stallions recent runners (see Results section under the Stud Record tab).